CAI GUIANG has always been devoted in making girls of all age “feel good” about themselves by means of enhancing what they already have thru the therapeutic benefits of applying makeup. Promoting self-care to all women, now in the beauty industry working as a makeup artist, specializing in bridal/beauty makeup since 2011.

“I’m very passionate about enhancing the natural beauty of my clients on their wedding day rather than just following the latest trends. I understand that all women, especially brides are unique individuals with different preferences. As such, I’m positioned to create range of flawless makeup styles, be it glamorous, romantic, classic or understated. Helping every client to design a look they feel most beautiful wearing.

It really makes me happy to see every bride smile after we have created their desired look, feeling this confidence and ready for the happiest walk of their lives down the aisle!”

Though makeup do wonders on enhancing natural beauty, good skin, truly is 50% of all beautiful makeup application. With that, I have decided to work hand in hand with Guiang Dermatologists to achieve every bride’s best glowing look on her most special day!

Center for Aesthetic Studies – Franck Provost
Makeup Designory School (TEMPTU Pro, NY)

Asian Hospital and Medical Center
Makati Medical Towers

Wife and a MOM who has a penchant for all things beautiful.. .


Looking forward to be of service on your wedding day! Can’t wait to meet you! ❤